Welcome to the Africa East Field, which expanded to include the Horn of Africa countries of Ethiopia and South Sudan in April 2013. The Church of the Nazarene on the East Field is spreading the message of hope and holiness and making a difference in people and communities through various ministries including multiple church planting movements, NCM with emphasis on growth of individuals spiritually, physically, mentally, morally and psychosocially; 30 JESUS Film teams who travel  to show the life of Christ and spread the message of salvation across the field; NYI and Children’s Ministries actively training teachers to minister effectively to these age groups; World Mission Broadcast recording and airing programmes in Amharic, Arabic, Kiswahili, Luhya, Lugbar, Nuer, Somali, and English; Africa Nazarene University (ANU) which provides holistic education and develops learners academically, spiritually, culturally, and physically, equipping them with skills, competencies, and Christian values to meet the challenges of their time in different business settings; Nazarene Bible College of East Africa (NBCEA) and the Creative Leadership Institute (CLI) which takes theological education to the people by providing courses at district and teaching centres across the field; and Africa Nazarene Publications (ANP) with translation committees to provide Sunday School, Books for Pastors, and other evangelical resources in the major languages spoken on the field. We ask for and welcome your prayers and support as we minster in the countries of Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya,  Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Don and Evie Gardner

Contact Information:

PO Box 20025, City Square 00200
Phone: 254 0735 509490

Our Vision:

To reach our generation with the message of holiness today.

Our Mission:

To make Christ-like disciples by planting reproducing holiness churches in every people group in East Africa

We Are:

  • A Holiness Church
  • A Worshipping Church
  • A Praying Church
  • A Sending Church
  • A Leadership Development Church


110,689 (2014)

Organized churches: 815  Preaching points: 1,440

Educational Institutions:

  • ANU – Africa Nazarene University, Nairobi, Kenya
  • NBCEA - Nazarene Bible College, East Africa
     - Extension Centres are located in every district office in the countries of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda (see list of districts below)
  • CLI - Creative Leadership Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    - 44 Extension Centres are located in Ethiopia
    - 12 Extension Centres are located in South Sudan

Work & Witness Opportunities:

  • The M.A.R.S.H (Married Student Housing) in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Spiritual Training Centre in Dodoma, Tanzania


Ermias & Mulu Choliye, Kenya
Friday & Mary Ganda, Burundi
David & Lisa Johnson, Kenya
Rod & Sarah Reed, Kenya
Daryll & Verna Stanton, Kenya

Mission Corps Volunteers:

Don & Ruth Biggar, Kenya

Districts & District Superintendents:


Burundi District - Rev Luc Ntahobari


Eastern District - Rev Augustus Musili
Mt Kenya District - Rev Martin Njenjere
Western District - Rev Julius Omondi
Central District - Rev Gerphas Oure
Lake Victoria District - Rev Peter Okinyo
Rift Valley District - Rev Emmanuel Wafula


Central District- Rev Zabulon Habimana
Northeast - Rev Simon Pierre Rwaramba
South (Pioneer Area) - Rev Zabulon Habimana

South Sudan

East - Rev Andrew Tut Deng
South - Rev John Yual
Southeast - Rev David Gach Pathod


North District - Rev Edson Joseph
South District - Rev Jumanne Mwambinga


Central District - Rev Nathan Menya
South District - Rev Fred Bagoole
Southwest District - Rev Fred Bagoole


Field Information

Country & Year Entered by the Church of the Nazarene
Kenya - 1984
Uganda - 1988
Tanzania - 1990
Rwanda - 1990
Ethiopia - 1992
Burundi - 1999
South Sudan - 2011

Field Highlight

The Africa East Field had the largest number of candidates for ordination ever in 2009 - 47! Dr David Graves, General Superintendent, was able to travel to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and officiate at the ordination services. We had three people from the Masai tribe as well as our first husband and wife team. What a great year. We give praise to God!