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Celebrating Holiness Testimonies

I write to update you on holiness celebration initiative that was organized before Easter. We distributed all the yellow booklets to all the churches in Malawi Central District. The reports I have received shows that even in home cell groups, people spend 1 hour every Wednesday praying. They have also committed themselves with an extra hour every Sunday. This has brought great revival and spiritual refreshment in the lives of many people. In other home cell groups, Celebrating Holiness brought transparency and openness among the believers as all the participants confessed their sins to one another. The result: Great unity among believers. They said that this was the first time for people to receive such prayer guidelines and request that in future such programs should come even earlier to help in preparation.
Thanks for remembering our district with such materials.

Rev. O. F. Dimba
(Malawi Central District, Central Field)

Because of the Celebrating Holiness materials, I am happy to report to you that a total of 41 new souls were added to the Nazarene family in our district.
There was jubilation and excitement at Kitwe Nazarene church, were I attended the Pentecost Sunday service. When the pastor called the nine (9) names of new members who were won to Christ during that month. As these new members were going in front of the church, suddenly the all church bursted in ululating and singing praises to the Lord the Owner of harvest. Similar experiences were reported in other five zones of our district.
Mr. Kasusu, a new convert exclaimed, “I didn’t know that there is real joy and brotherhood in the family of God. I feel happy and honored to be a Nazarene and, I will bring my wife to come and experience the warmth of the Nazarenes.”
Indeed holiness celebration month was a blessed month to all who participated. The lessons that were developed to use during that month of celebration, were excellent and they can still be used in Sunday school and in home cell meetings.

Rev. Yambayamba.
(DS Copper Belt District, Central Field)

Celebrating Holiness Prayer and Fasting.
In the Eastern District, we have witness the unseen hand of our Lord Jesus Christ moving the district into His direction. 0ver 3450 members attended prayer and fasting. Through this time of prayer, God united the pastors and church board members that changed our district gatherings into mighty revivals. All of our 60 churches in the district attended this prayer! What we see here is the evidence of the mighty holiness revival that is taking place across the Eastern District.

Rev. Solomon Ndlovu
(DS Eastern District, South Field).

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  • Church Membership Handbook
  • Core Values Booklet
  • How To Start a Small Group Guide

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