To facilitate the success of local churches across the Africa region to effectively reach the lost and win them to Christ using the Jesus Film.

  To equip teams with modern multi-media equipment that presents the gospel to the lost in the heart languages of their communities, provide additional materials and methods for discipleship follow up, and provide training on the essentials of church planting to help mentor and develop their leaders.


  • JESUS Film Evangelism - JESUS Film teams work in target areas identified by church leaders to assist with church growth and to start new churches.
  • Discipleship - Each film team works with local leaders to disciple new believers.
  • Leadership Development - Current leaders receive leadership training, learn how to train other leaders, and learn how to disciple new believers.
  • Pastoral Training - Current pastors receive ongoing training, new pastors begin the course of study, and lay pastors are trained to shepherd new believers.
  • Church Planting - Team members and church leaders assist the new believers in joining existing churches or becoming part of a new church.
  • Prayer - Prayer is the fuel that drives this ministry forward. It is critical and vital to sustain the work.
  • Partnerships - Partnering organizations add vision, tools, training, expertise, prayer support, and financial resources resulting in success for the kingdom.

Discipleship and Church Planting Training 

Events coming soon.

What are we doing? 
 Since 1998 JESUS Film Teams have been showing the JESUS Film almost every weekend in 25 African countries. As of 2003, the emphasis is on each team planting at least 10 churches per year.

With the use of videos for both adults and children, DVDs, national television shows, and EvangeCubes, more people are introduced to Jesus Christ every day.

More About "The JESUS Film" 
 The epic story of the tragedy and triumph of the most controversial life in human history! Witness the most remarkable story of passion, intrigue, pain and glory as you are taken back two thousand years to the life of Jesus Christ.

A masterpiece that was created by the Cannes Film Festival award-winning producer John Heyman and a team of specialists. Researched for five years and filmed in over 200 locations in the Holy Land, this film soars you into an experience you will never forget!

Have you ever wondered... "who is Jesus"? Now you can see the film that answers questions about the man who changed the face of history. No other film has been seen by more than one billion people, translated into more than 1086 languages, and shown in more than 200 locations. Witness the spellbinding story that has changed the world and could change your life!

  • Starring BRIAN DEACON as Jesus
  • Screenplay by BARNET FISHBEN
  • Produced by JOHN HEYMAN
  • Co-produced by RICHARD DALTON
  • Directed by PETER SYKES & JOHN KIRSH •Running Time: 83 minutes/color

Click here to watch “The JESUS Film”.

You can be part of this ministry 

  • Pray for JESUS Film Ministry Teams.
  • Volunteer to help with discipleship in your area.
  • You or your church can fund equipment for a new team/sponsor a new team.
  • Fund Follow-up Resources.
  • As a congregation you can partner with a team and plant preaching points in your area by using the “5 kms for Christ” - Church-planting Strategy.
  • Commit yourself for up to one year to become part of a JESUS Film team.
  • Commit to give a monthly contribution to this ministry as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Inviting a JESUS Film Ministry Team to your area 

  • Contact your local district office for the contact information of the JESUS Film leaders in your area.
  • Set up showing dates with the JESUS Film Ministry team leader in the area where you plan to plant a church, (about 5kms from your church).
  • Train the members of the local congregation to lead discipleship classes.
  • Lead your congregation to pray before, during and after the showings for all involved.
  • Make contact with people in the new area.
  • Pray for and encourage the teams in your area.
  • Commission two people to do the follow-up for 16 weeks and identify local leaders.

Evangelism Ball 
Bible Story Cloth 
Resource Pricelist

Discipleship/Follow-up Material: ANP and JFHP
JFM Statistics: (Hyperlink to “Stats Info.pdf”)

5 kms For Christ 
 The “5 Kms For Christ” strategy is found in a 16-page document with step-by-step guidelines on how to plant a daughter church by using the JESUS Film. We are currently working on getting this document translated for more districts/pastors to use in their quest for church growth through church planting. This resource is based on the book, From JESUS Film to Viable Church, available through Africa Nazarene Publications.

TIm Eby - Jesus Film Coordinator

Contact us

Tim Eby
 JESUS Film Ministry Coordinator,

Africa Region
 Tel: +27 11 472 3615
 Fax: +27 11 672 7614

Church Planting & Evangelism Links

Lowershire baptism - dec 13

JESUS film story

Jesus Still Commands the Evil Spirits to Leave - Tanzania
“In the film, when Jesus commanded the evil spirit to leave the man and enter the pigs, an old woman fell on the ground and started screaming for help,” said the team member in Tanzania. “We started to pray for her and she began to speak in a strange way. She said, ‘This is my body don’t take it away from me!’ We immediately knew we were dealing with demons in her. She lost consciousness. We continued to pray for her. Minutes later she opened her eyes and testified. She told us that she had been having a lot of nightmares. But after our prayers, she felt like a different person. She was among those who accepted Christ that night.”

Visit the website of our international JFHP office for more stories.