Discipleship Resources

Welcome to the adventure of discipleship. The mandate of our Master is that we, "make disciples".

Basic Bible Studies

  • Basic Bible Studies for New Believers
  • Basic Bible Studies for the Youth of Africa
  • Basic Bible Studies for the Spirit Filled Life

To order, please contact Africa Nazarene Publications.

Leadership Audio Seminars

This training is here may meet a concern in your CareRing or Small Group Ministry. You can listen to them online or download them to listen to later. They are 1 hour each.

Christian Education: Empowering the Laity

Pastors and lay leaders alike in the small and middle sized church often needlessly struggle to function in a way that enhances spiritual and numerical growth. In this interactive seminar we'll discuss that essential transition including the topics: "The Biblical Basis for Lay Ministry", "Mobilizing the Laity for Action" and "5 Ways to Enlist and Empower the Lay Leaders".

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Christian Education: How to Evangelize Through the Sunday School

This "hands on" and practical seminar will challenge you to reevaluate the objectives of Christian education and rethink how the Sunday school functions. We will discuss how to recapture a vision of evangelizing through the Sunday school in light of its history.

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