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Africa Nazarene Publications (ANP) exists to coordinate and facilitate the procurement, development, translation, printing, and distribution of literature resources for the benefit of all age groups. Resources are available in various categories which include evangelism, discipleship making, church membership and promotion, devotion, education, and Christian living

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Holiness literature is integral to the foundation of church growth. Pray with us that more and more people from across the communities of Africa will be transformed into Christlike disciples as they access the literature resources.

Daphne Mathebula, Africa Region Literature Coordinator

Stories From Around Africa


He is in complete control

By Rirhandzu Cam Shivuri
Tzaneen, Republic of South Africa

In January 2009, I embarked on 21 days of prayer and fasting at my local church. I had just finished studying and was looking for a job. In the last week of prayer, I was called for two interviews in the same week. The first interview was tough but I felt God’s Spirit carry me through. As I prepared for the next interview, I got a call to say I got the job. I knew God was at serious work in my life. I even testified at church that He is a faithful God who listens and answers prayers.

I worked for eight months but my contract was not renewed after that. I stayed in Johannesburg for three months hoping my employer would call me back to work. When that didn’t happen, I packed all I had and went back home to Tzaneen. I felt angry at God, disappointed and depressed. I used to lock myself in the house, praying and crying but nothing changed.

One day I was approached by a church elder to be a leader of our local youth group. I didn’t like the idea at first but after I fasted and prayed together with a friend who was also going through some challenges in her life, I felt God say to me “THE YOUTH NEED YOU, SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE”.  He was so audible I couldn’t ignore. I cried for my own selfishness and immediately took the leadership role that was offered to me.

That’s when my true healing began. It’s amazing how one’s life changes by being of service to others. I became a totally new person, friendlier than before and I also started teaching Sunday School, I trusted God when He said “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

Days before Christmas, I received a phone call from my former employer asking me to come for an interview. I was interviewed and got the job. My first week of being back at work, I received another call from a company I applied for a while ago also asking me to come for an interview.

Dear reader, do not put deadlines on God. He is in complete control. Through all the challenges I learned to be patient and became an instrument of service to God.

Hang tight to His Word. He will deliver on all His promises for "God is not a man that he should lie" (Numbers 23:19).

Editor’s comments:
This is a moving story of the miracles God is able to carry out in our lives if we allow ourselves to be of service to Him and let go of our selfishness. If you have comments on this story or have your own story to tell, please email the editor at or speak to the writer at


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