Malawi churches celebrate Easter after devastating flood season

Malawi churches celebrate Easter after devastating flood season

 Information and photos from Rev. Gershom Kwerakwera, Lower Shire District Superintendent


With their lives still shaken by the loss of homes, livestock and crops to severe flooding earlier this year, church members in Malawi’s Lower Shire District gathered for a three-day Easter Holiness Conference over the Easter weekend. Hundreds of people attended, and dozens were baptized.


The Lower Shire District was one of the areas hit hardest by the flooding, which was caused by heavy rainfall in January and claimed the lives of more than 100 people in Malawi. Some of those who died were members of the Nazarene Church. The water forced thousands of people from their homes. Four months later, some Malawians are still living in displacement camps. (Click here to read flood coverage in Out of Africa.)


In spite of the loss and devastation, the district went forward with the annual Easter conference, inviting guest speaker Rev. William Thewethe from the Zomba Church of the Nazarene in the Malawi South District.


During the evening services, The JESUS Film was shown, and special prayers were offered for people’s marriages, health and salvation.


"It was a time of celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Holy Communion was served, and the choirs and praise teams for men, women and youth presented their sweet melodies,” said Lower Shire District Superintendent Rev. Gershom Kwerakwera (pictured below).



“We are very thankful for the relief items that have been assisting us during the time of floods," he continued. “Thank you also to all people who have been praying for us here in Malawi Lower Shire District and sending heir assistance! God bless you!”