"Making Quality Christian Holiness Education Accessible

to Every Church Leader in Africa"


Nazarene Education and Clergy Development

Vision: The office of Nazarene Education and Clergy Development (NECD) exists to serve Christian Holiness leaders through lifelong learning and equipping both institutionally (Nazarene Education Systems) and relationally (Clergy Development i.e. Apprenticeship, Mentorship and Discipleship).

Mission: Working toward the sustained development of Christian Holiness Leaders through Nazarene Educational Systems in Africa.

Motto: "Everyone up one level."

Rev Gabriel J Benjiman is the Regional Education Coordinator (rec@africanazarene.org).

Rev Samantha Chambo (MA, University of Manchester) heads Africa Nazarene Women's Clergy (schambo@africanazarene.org).

Mary Benjiman is the administrative assistant. (mbenjiman@africanazarene.org)

Nazarene Institutions of Higher Education in Africa

Liberal Arts

Bible Colleges and De-Centralized Programs

  • CLI - Creative Leadership Institute -- Rev Phil Rodebush, Director
  • ITN/NTI - Institut Théologique Nazaréeen/ Nazarene Theological Institute -- Revs Antero Fontes and Katambu Balibanga, Co-Directors
  • NBCEA - Nazarene Bible College of East Africa -- Nairobi, Kenya -- Rev Elijah King'ori, Director
  • NTC - Nazarene Theological College (Southern Africa) -- Mulderdrift, Johannesburg, South Africa --Rev Cathy Lebese, Principal
  • NTCCA - Nazarene Theological College of Central Africa -- Lilongwe, Malawi -- Rev Chinyama J. Lilema, Principal
  • SNCV - Seminário Nazareno de Cabo Verde -- Mindelo, São Vincent, Cabo Verde --Rev Gastão Correia, Principal
  • SNM - Seminário Nazareno em Moçambique -- Maputo, Mozambique -- Rev Adolfo Tembe, Director

  Africa Journal of Wesleyan Theology

The Africa Journal of Wesleyan Theology (AJWT) targets those serving in the African context and regions of the Global South that have significant cultural convergence with Africa. It features writers who resonate with the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition of Christianity, and combines sound scholarship with insights from the practice of ministry.

To receive writer's guidelines, contact Dr Gregory Crofford at: gcrofford@anu.ac.ke

Rev. Gabriel J Benjiman

Thank you for visiting our website. On the Africa Region of the Church of the Nazarene, we are encouraging every Nazarene - whether clergy or a lay minister - to improve their education. This is captured by the slogan:

"Everyone up one level."

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